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You reach out to me via email or social media with your inquiry, providing as much detail as possible.

We discuss code of conduct and meet on video call to agree on goals, process, timelines, payment, and expectations.*

I get to work. I provide you with updates and revisions as agreed upon, and work hard to meet your deadlines.

The product is ready! I provide you with all agreed-upon files, and hope to stay in touch!

*all projects require a contract to ensure agreement.



It starts with the logo. If you already have one or the idea for one, wonderful; otherwise, I will make you one.

We want to make you a full independent and functional brand. That means giving you everything else that's needed to be successful.

Your branding package will include your logo with variations, a colour palette and gradients, a pattern design, fonts that represent your brand, and finally, your business card.

Your brand strategy will include your brand identity: how you want to portray yourself to your customers and partners. With this, I will give you a brand analysis, a moodboard, and 20 free-to-use stock images relevant to your business.

For an extra fee, you can add a social media kit which will include profile pictures, Linkedin/Facebook banners, profile bio, Instagram highlights icons, and 5 ready-to-use post templates.



Copywriting is everywhere, and it can be harder than expected. I will help you write effective copies to increase your leads and assist your sales to impress and influence your audience.

Copywriting includes researching the market, the industry, your business, and your competitors. This ensures we create the most effective copy to increase your brand awareness.

I'm skilled and experienced in the following fields:

- B2C and B2B Copywriting

- Direct-Response and Ad Writing

- Content Marketing and Blogs

- Social Media Copywriting

For more on social media, see content creation.

For more on website copywriting, see web design.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be anything and everything. I have an eye for design, years of experience, and fluency in theory, and it's my mission to make your vision come to life.

Print: I can help you create business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, and practically anything else you could want.

Publishing: planning on publishing a magazine or zine? Let me help you with formatting and design. Looking for an innovative and out-of-the-box cover for your book, movie, album, magazine, etc.? We can start the next trend.

Product Design: If you're looking to launch a new product, we can create a new creative design together. Boxes, labels, and product packaging, all of it can be done in one swift motion.

For more on social media, see content creation.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Content creation is the celebration of progress; recognizing that to reach their audiences, businesses need to think like them, and there is no better way than reaching them on social media where they spend hours of their days.

Organic marketing on social media requires constant attention. You always hear the rules: post x times a week, make sure to keep a theme, interact with everyone.

I will help you streamline your processes. Content creation is a pillar of digital marketing, and I will create templates, strategies, and copies for you to use cross-platform with each audience in mind.

Never worry about SEO again. Never sit down and type 30 hashtags again. Never wonder what TikToks or Reels you could make again. Streamline everything.

For blog posts and written content, see copywriting.

Web Design

Web Design

Do you need a sleek website for your customers and partners to learn all about your business? Are you lost as where to start and how to make sure you stand out?

I will help you create a fully functioning website to establish yourself online. A website is necessary to boost your business, and make sure you're a top choice for anyone frantically googling for resources.

Your web design is a package, accompanied by hours of graphic design work and copywriting for all pages you need. It will all be included with everything else you believe your business needs. We can work together to create a new design to help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

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